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Taproom Bill Signed into Law By Governor Dayton!


Celebrate with a local beer! Nice work local craft beer fans, brewers and breweries! Next round, let’s get that brewpub legislation passed! T-shirts too!

Commence enjoying local beer in 4, 3, 2….


  1. RMA says:

    And now the blowback begins. I’m hearing about bars, even some very craftbrew-oriented ones, deciding to pull Surly off their taps claiming unfair competition. Yeah. That’ll really show them who’s boss.

  2. Ben says:

    It is sad that some have chosen to take their Surly lines off. Will they do the same if Summit or Schell’s and others add taprooms? It’s not going to hurt Surly to have a bar pull their tap line. Plenty of other bars are more than happy to take those lines and the bar pulling it will likely see a backlash from those that enjoy Surly.

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