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The Ale Jail is Hiring!

Beer Geek Wanted

We are hiring a part-time beer specialist–is it you?

Hmmmm … let’s see …

1) Can work Fridays and Saturdays and over the winter holiday season
2) Wants to work part-time (20 hours a week)
3) Can start soon and envisions staying on (this is not temporary or summer work)
4) Knows beer
5) Really knows beer
6) Knows when to use a pint glass vs a chalice vs a strange vs a pilsener glass vs a tulip … that kind of really knows beer
7) Knows that there are over 70 styles of beer-and can name and explain a bunch of them … that kind of really knows beer
8) Is friendly and nice and not snobby or annoying … we can’t handle snobby or annoying!
9) Understands this is a retail job that entails not just trying and talking about beer, but also includes stocking, cleaning, and inventory work
10) Will work for peanuts – or beer

We will be accepting resume’s through the weekend.  Please keep in mind that nights/weekends are a must. Previous liquor store experience and some wine knowledge is also a plus.

If that fits you, know that the Wine Thief and Ale Jail is pretty great place to work: great colleagues and customers and a lovely discount.

Contact us if you’re interested,

Paul and Trina