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The Four Firkins in the Strib

It’s a good week for beer…

“Twin Cities Finally Gets a Craft Beer Store” by Tom Horgen

 Jason Alvey remembers exactly where he was when he fell in love with craft beer. It was 2001, he had moved here from Australia and he was at the Uptown Pizza Luce when someone bought a pitcher of Summit Extra Pale Ale. “It’s been a slippery spiral ever since,” he said.


  1. Kris says:

    They were mentioned in Summit’s newletter as well which hit my inbox today. Apparently they will be at FF grand opening as well taping “some special cask-conditioned ale at 6 pm”.

  2. ryan says:

    I’ll be lending a hand tomorrow. Should be fun. If I understand correctly, you’ll be able to buy beer and walk over to the PedalPub for a ride where you’ll be able to drink the beer!

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