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Best of the Twin Cities 2007

Congrats to all of our local beer friends who are winners in City Pages’ Best of the Twin Cities 2007:

Best Take Home Brew: Surly Bender & Furious Psst. City Pages… it’s Brooklyn Center, not park…

Best Beer Selection in a Bar: Muddy Pig

Best Irish Pub: O’Gara’s – As I’ve said before, I think this category needs to go. I’m not against Irish-style bars, per se, but there are only so many combinations of the same dishes, the same 4-6 Irish and English beers and lots of dark wood… I’d much rather see brewpubs get a mention. Oddly enough, this year’s winner covers both categories.

Like ’em, hate ’em… those are the results. Enjoy, and congrats to the winners!


  1. Ben says:

    Irish are famous for their cooking. Put it in a pot and boil it for 12 hours til you can drink it with a straw.

  2. HawkEye19 says:

    Thanks Denis Leary

    Seriously though, O’Gara’s over the Local or Dubliner?

  3. Ben says:

    I’d pick the Local over O’Gara’s.

  4. ryan says:

    Yup, I think I’d probably pick the Local over O’Gara’s too. At least the City Pages’ editors picked the Muddy Pig for best beer selection – the reader’s picked Old Chicago.

    Next year we should have a massive campaign to somewhere thoroughly non-Irish voted in. Maybe Barley John’s or something. Seriously.

  5. al says:

    why is there an Irish Pub category at all?

    and not a brewpub?

    or “beer bar”?
    it’s still “best beer selection in a bar” stuck under the “Sex, Drugs, & Rock & Roll” category…wine selection is “in a restaurant” in the “Restaurant” category…beer? what does that have to do with restaurants? or food?
    Sick it under “Sex, Drugs, & Rock’n’Roll”…is it the sex, the drugs, or the rock’n’roll?
    Eh, any campaign to change the Reader’s Choice would have to be massive!
    Be glad the editors are at least semi-hip…

    the “take home beer” category was entirely new….why not just “best local beer”?

    glad to see nods to Surly, though…

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