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The Swelling Ranks of Contributors & a New Brewpub in Town?

Hey all. I just wanted to drop a quick note informing readers that a husband/wife tag-team answered the call for contributors, adding two more to the ranks at MNBeer. It’s nice to know that being a chubby beer drinker does, in fact, qualify one for certain opportunities from time to time (uh, honey, I mean me).

On a different note, while driving through Waverly, MN (just west of the Metro on Hwy 12), I noticed what appears to be a new brewpub under construction – All American Grill & Brewhouse. I’ve yet to find any more information on this, but will continue to dig. If anyone knows anything about this, let us know.

Glad to be on board!

Mag & Kris


  1. Eric says:

    Glad to share the title of “newbie” with you two! Shoot me an email so we can connect sometime.

  2. How far from the Twin Cities is Waverly? Kat and I might be up for a research expedition.

  3. TruthBrew says:

    28 miles WEST of the 494-394 interchange. So, from the SE metro it’s about 55 miles. Ouch.

  4. ryan says:

    Anyone want to place a one beer bet? My guess is that there will be no beer brewed on site.

  5. David Berg says:

    Well, they have apparently applied for a brewpub license with the state…

  6. ryan says:

    Whoops. Good thing no one took me up on this one. 🙂

  7. David Berg says:

    You still owe me a cookie anyway.

  8. Mag says:

    Leave it to the McGerik’s to martyr themselves in researching a new brewpub for the greater good. Incidentally, if you’re gonna fall on that grenade, let me know. I’m sure Kris and I could join you. They looked like they might be a month or so away from opening.

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