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Those jokesters at Surly

So the email from Omar comes in, “Surly is closing….” Yeah, funny stuff. Anyway, here are some updates from Brooklyn Center.

Surly Brewing is closing… for growler sales on July 5th. The staff is all getting out of the brewery for a few days.

Mark your calendars – July 16th – Mackenzie’s Bar in Minneapolis. Cask beer and a keg of Two!

Todd did some fabrication work and we are now making more coffee bender than ever! Look for more of your favorite caffeinated beverage to pop up around town.

Save the date  – SurlyFest is scheduled on Saturday, September 6th. The plan is to tap the first keg of SurlyFest at the event, and then tap a few more. There will be food, beer and music all at the brewery. Tickets will go on sale at the brewery once we get all the details worked out. 

See you drinking,

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  1. beckel says:

    Reading that subject line earlier today I was momentarily very sad (but optimistically hoped for foul play), only to again be very happy that SurlyFest will be returning in the months ahead. mmm SurlyFest….any how it will be good to finally give Two a shot, wonder whats gonna be cask aged 🙂 good stuff.

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