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Thursday Flat Earth Growlers

In honor of today being Clerihew Day a little ditty for everyone.

Flat Earth
Minions of Mirth
Growler sales Tonight
To Help You Live it Up Right!

Belgian Pale Ale
Black Helicopter Coffee Stout
Element 115 Lager
Hep Cat Ale
Northwest Passage IPA
Sunburst Ale
Unfiltered Belgian Pale Ale
Unfiltered Element 115 Lager
Unfiltered Northwest Passage IPA



  1. Trav says:

    What is Sarsaparilla??

  2. Ben says:

    It’s a lot like root beer. Non-alcoholic.

  3. Trav says:

    Ah, never heard of it, Sasparilla yes, Sarsaparilla no.

  4. Trav, check out Wikipedia’s entry on Sarsaparilla.

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