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Thursday Tasting at Heritage: Mad River

Thursday, 5-7 at Heritage.

The roots of Mad River Brewing go back to the early days of the craft beer movement. Excursions to buy homebrewing supplies led Brewmaster Bob Smith to Ken Grossman’s Homebrew Shop in Chico, California. After Ken shared his plans to build a brewery in Chico to be called Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Bob became determined to found a similar brewery in Humboldt County. In the spring of 1989 Sierra Nevada, having outgrown its starting brewery and with a new larger plant under construction, offered to sell their original equipment to Smith. Fast forward to 2010, which saw Mad River win Small Brewery of the Year at the Great American Beer Festival, in addition to three medals. For our tasting this Thursday the 24th we’ll be pouring a bunch of brews from Mad River, including 2 from their Artisan Reserve series, The Mad Belgian and Serious Madness. Our Thursday tastings run from 5-7PM.

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