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Surly Anniversary Party at Groveland Tap.

(It was thankfully brought to our attention that the REAL final event is the March 2nd)

Well the March is almost here and that means Surly is officially 5 years old and we’ll have to wait another year to celebrate another Surly anniversary. But at least we’ll have their beer to get us through.

Stop by the Groveland Tap on Monday to celebrate at the brewery’s final anniversary party.

Surly 5th Birthday Stops at The Tap on Monday Feb. 28th!! We will be tapping a keg of Moes Bender at 5pm, a cask of Dry Hopped Bender at 6 pm, AHA Rally beer at 7 pm and Pentagram at 8 pm. There are limited amounts of all and very limited of the Rally beer and Pentagram, we will begin to sell tickets for those at 5pm with a limit of 1 per person.


  1. Darrin says:

    According to Surly’s schedule, this is not the final anniversary party, that would be this one:

    Wednesday, March 2 – Whistle Binkies, 3120 Wellner Drive NE and 247 Woodlake Drive SE, Rochester

    Thank you, Surly, for remembering that Rochester is part of Minnesota, too.

  2. Eric says:

    Yes you are correct. On their website, it sorta flows into the the “what” and I missed it. Change coming….

  3. Ben says:

    And they still have to reschedule the one at Triple Rock that got snowed out.

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