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‘Tis The Seasons In The Abyss!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the season of the Abyss! Finally! Deschutes Abyss will be here and we are having a “tour” to celebrate! Seven bars, games prizes and BEER, tons of beer!!!

Thursday December 16th

5:00 The Happy Gnome – Offering flights of Deschutes Beers featuring Black Butte Porter, Abyss, and Jubel 2010

5:45 Stub & Herbs – SLAYER TRIVIA*!!! Abyss, Jubelale, Hop Trip, and Hop Henge on tap!!

6:30 Pracna – Abyss, Obsidian Stout on Nitro, Jubelale plus Deschutes specials all month long with beer and prize giveaways!!**

7:15 Haute Dish – Abyss and Mirror Pond Pale Ale, features TBD

8:00 Mackenzie – Abyss, Inversion IPA, Jubelale, Jubel 2010 with Beer Trivia!!

9:00 Bryant Lake Bowl – Abyss & Black Butte Porter with Bowl for the Abyss (win free Abyss bottles!!)**

10:00 Buster’s on 28th – Black Butte Porter, Abyss, & Jubel 2010 with T-Shirt and beer Giveaway!!**

See you there!!!!

All bars will promptly tap their kegs of Abyss at 5pm so get on it!!!

*Slayer rules!

**visit any 3 bars on the list and get the bartender to initial off the special card and turn it in at Busters after 10pm for a free limited edition Abyss t-shirt (while supplies last, void where prohibited, no purchase necessary and all that crap!)


  1. paul says:

    Does anyone know if “The Dissident” is available in bottles at any liquor store? I’ve only seen it on tap (Pracna) but it apears available in other parts of the country in bottles….also is “The Abyss” available in bottles? Haven’t seen anything…



  2. Derek says:


    They are both available in bottles, but The Abyss will be easier to find because about 7 times more of it came in than The Dissident. You should be able to find both at fine purveyors of Craft Beer….4 Firkins, Zipps, Heritage, Surdyks..etc

  3. paul says:

    Thanks Derek!

    Just checked my local liquor store and they got both in this afternoon.

    I appreciate the help!


  4. Greg says:

    Paul, which store??

  5. paul says:

    Hi Greg,

    Lake Wine and Spirits – new store open Lyn-Lake on Grand and Lake Street (kitty corner from Uptown Pizza) $11.99 a bottle….tell them Paul the Irish beer guy sent you if you pick some up 🙂



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