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Town Hall Beer Release 6/28

Hey All,
This coming Wednesday (6/28) we will release another beer,look for Palisade Golden Pale Ale. This beer carries the name Palisade Golden for a few reasons.
First,it’smade with only American Palisade hops. Those of you that like to get up to the North Shore will understand the other reason. Stop at Palisade Head just before sunset and watch the water glisten shades of gold as the sun sets before you…what a nice thought.
Stop by and enjoy a beer this Wednesday… Release is at 5:00


  1. ryan says:

    Any thoughts on this one? I don’t know that I’d recognize Palisade Golden hops. It sounds as if they might have some similarities to Willamette. Anyone?

  2. TruthBrew says:


    “Palisade is the latest variety to be released from the Select Botanicals breeding program. It is a mid-alpha hop with a very clean aroma profile. Although it was originally bred with lager brewers in mind, its’ pleasant aroma and good bittering potential has proven to be a success with ale brewers as well. In recent years, there has been a dramatic reduction in acreage of mid-alpha hops. Hops in this category include Perle, Northern Brewer, Cluster, etc. This was mainly due to larger brewers moving to high and super high alpha hops for bittering. Palisade is unique in the mid alpha range in that it has good aroma characteristics, good bittering characteristics in addition to being an excellent agronomic hop. It has an average yield in the 2,000-3,000 range which makes it among the top performing aroma varieties in world in terms of raw production per acre. Additionally, it is fairly disease resistant which means that it requires less chemical applications. Yakima Chief is excited to offer this new variety to brewers. It is currently in stock in 5kg and 20kg pellet pouchs and 10lb and 50lb whole hop pouches.”

  3. eek says:

    I went thursday and tried it. The aroma was like the description. A clean aroma. The bitterness seemed sharp and lasted a while on the tongue. A good brew over all though.

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