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Town Hall Beer Release: Evolution

Monday marks yet another beer release at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery.

Hi All,
Every once in a while we have someone wonder in the brewery and say they want to be a brewer. We generally try and send them in the right direction to pursuit their goal. Well a few months ago we had a youngster come in that wanted to be a brewer. He was different, his eyes sparkled and it was apparent this guy might have the stuff. Turns out we were at a point of transition in the brewery and needed additional help, long story short we hired him. Soon he began to out grow the job of Chief Growler/Keg/Cask Cleaning Tech…he was looking for more. This kid is beginning to change into a brewer. As we sit back as enjoy watching him grow as a brewer we also need to celebrate his graduation from the U of M that will happen in about two weeks.
So we offer “Evolution” a graduation style ale this coming Monday 5-6pm just $2 per pint. This fine ale is an amber that became a pale that almost became and ipa….some may call it a “North Shore Pale Ale”
Congrats Adam!