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Town Hall Gigantic Beer Release…

Read on… lots of good stuff at Town Hall Thursday evening. If I can break away from a semi-work related task, I’ll try to drag Dawn down there with me for some goooooood beer. The Belgian Wheat Wine is screaming at me… “Drink me! Drink me!”

Hey Kids,
Happy to announce that some changes are happening! Installed new climate controlled cask lines and we have our under bar draft boxes installed. We best break in all those new lines well……Tomorrow is the day! 5:00 we will release Town Hall Barrel Aged Wee Heavy, Town Hall Barrel Aged Quadruple (this aged in French Oak 18 months), and Town Hall Barrel Aged Ruby Jack (Belgian Wheat Wine) and if that’s not enough…why not release Gouden Carolus Tripel and the one and only Rodenbach Flemmish Red (both guest beers on tap from Belgium). Sorry, no growlers. The weather is going to be great, should make for a wonderful evening!

Thanks all for the continued support!

P.S. Thunderstorm expected 7/23