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Local beer in the Pioneer Press

A great time for Minnesota beer, beer lovers – John Brewer, Pioneer Press

It’s a nice article, and not just because they mention MNBeer. Enjoy!


  1. donb says:

    To this comment I only have to say,” Amen Brother”
    I would like to buy the poster a (Minnesota) beer.

    “if you wonder why you can’t find your favorite local beers in more bars, you can blame a crooked beer distribution system rife with payoffs to bar owners. Bar owners demand money (read bribes), trips, free tap installations, neon signs worth hundreds of dollars just to put a beer on tap. And distributors willingly pay them off under the table–usually with the under-the-table help of the breweries. It’s all illegal, but no one cares–especially the State of Minnesota. They’re too busy running fake ID stings.”

    Posted by: Beer Industry Insider

  2. al says:

    I read that on Wednesday while at a certain NE Mpls beer bar…that only had one Minnesota beer on tap…or at all?…boo!

  3. Another Beer Industry Insider says:

    Don’t believe the BS I personally know of a South-Central MN Brewer who engages in the same illegal activity. So don’t paint the picture that the big brewers are the problem…some will break the law no matter what the stakes.

  4. David Berg says:

    Pretty funny cloak and dagger stuff. Did anyone actually read the law? Or are you merely assuming you know what it says? See also 340A.308 of the Minnesota Statutes.

  5. al says:

    just because there’s a law doesn’t mean it isn’t being broken. The big breweries/distributors have paid bars cash money to tap beers they wouldn’t have otherwise. And gifts are routinely given out.
    I used to have a couple as customers who also ran a bar. They say to me, “just ask your Bud distributor for Twins tickets. Don’t they give you any?” Well, no, because I’m not selling lots of Bud…
    And there are bars that won’t tap anything new unless they got something out of it.

  6. David Berg says:

    Al-I’m not sure if you were responding to my comment, but I’ll respond to yours ;^) Of course there are laws being broken in the beer/liquor business. Grocery stores are also being paid money for cereal placement. Anyone who thinks differently is being naive. My point was that people need to actually check the law and see what is legal/illegal before they start making accusations. Posting vague statements anonymously about having some knowledge of something illegal on the internet is a bit laughable.

    Fact of the matter is, I bet if a person looked they would find small distributors doing exactly the same thing.

    And I bet you could get those tickets if you asked…

  7. Jeff Williamson says:

    Yeah for Minnesota beer! That is what the article was about, right? Obviously there are some issues out there that some people need to deal with. The last two postings, with some responses to them, quickly turned in to gripe sessions. What gives? I couldn’t be happier for Todd and Omar over at Surly, they have worked hard and deserve every accolade they get. If you are interested in seeing more Minnesota beer in your local bar, then start demanding it from them. If they won’t bring it in, then take your well-earned money down the road to someone who is carrying more Minnesota beer. Think local! Drink Local!

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