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Town Hall Pig Roast

Whether you’re playing in the bocce ball tournament, cheering a team on or just looking for some tasty grub, Town Hall is the place to be Saturday.

Hey All,

Got some good news and some bad-

Good News- This coming saturday marks our annual Pig Roast (Yep, spent grain fed), Bocce Ball Tourny, and Smoked Hefe Release. Smoked Hefeweizen will be ready to go when the doors open and the grain fed pork platters will be ready starting at 2pm. Look for special pricing on Smoked Hefe when the pig is released at 2pm. We may have room for one more Bocce Team (call and Matt can give you details).

Bad News- This celebration means we are reaching the end of our summer………….but we all love the autumn in MN!

Oh Yeah, if you like hops get some of the limited supply of Tank Monkey Double IPA. Sorry no deals on this critter.


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  1. Ben says:

    Had the Tank Monkey last night. Awesome double IPA. Hope it’s still around for the bocce tournament on Saturday.

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