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Town Hall Release

It’s Monday and that means you can drink away the sorrow of the new work week with a new beer at Town Hall on the cheap. Just don’t get someone else’s week off to a sour start by being cheap with the tips though.

Hey All,

As fall sets in we decided to listen to your requests for an American Amber Ale, but as you would expect our brewers dropped in the Town Hall flair. We added a bunch of oatmeal to this beer making it crazy smooth and silky. This is really a great cooler weather beer, great for watching football! Release is today at 5pm….that’s right pints of Oatmeal Amber just $2.50 from 5-6.

Just in case you were wondering, we are making Fresh Hop again! The 6th annual batch is in the fermenter and was again made with 175lbs of freshly picked wet hops, this year the variety is Citra. Remember, this beer is made with 100% Freshly Picked wet hops from the West Coast of the US…nothing else, no extracts no suplimental hop pellets. Yep, we overnight them from the field. This year they were picked one day and in our brew kettle by 9:30 am the next morning.

Keep your eyes peeled for Fresh Hop 2010!


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  1. Ben says:

    Seems a lot of people are using Citra hops this year for wet hopped brews. Town Hall, Surly, and FFF are just a couple of them I’ve seen this week.

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