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Twin Cities Imbiber #3 online

Twin Cities Imbiber #3Yes, the spring issue of Twin Cities Imbiber is online now. Look for it in print shortly. Features include pieces on Rush River Brewing Co., a beer history piece, a spotlight on Dennis Brothers Liquors, brewing coffee at home, Ciroc Vodka and more.

Some good local news as well… here’s a tidbit… Summit Hefe Weizen will be returning to Minnesota this summer. It makes sense – after all, we can’t let those Chicago folks


  1. surlybrewer says:

    As usual Jeff, the Twin Cities Imbiber looks awesome!

    Nice Job!

  2. Chris L. says:

    Love that cover pic!

  3. TruthBrew says:

    Thanks Todd and Chris. Hope you find the issue to be an enjoyable read, not just pretty to look at. =) Comments welcome.

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