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Valentines Events at Town Hall

Those of you on Town Hall‘s e-mailing list will have seen this already.  For the rest of us unwashed masses, here’s a note townhall.jpgfrom Mike Hoops.

Hi Friends,

Don’t forget about us as you look for a place to dine this coming VALENTINE’S Eve. Please view the attached menu and make your reservations today.  We will be serving *Chocolate Imperial Stout* and *Raspberry Milk Stout* beginning at 5pm (2-14) as an additional Valentine’s treat.  *******Sorry, No Growlers*********

Stop by for the BEER RELEASE this coming Monday 2/16. “Winterberry” will be released and from 5-6 pints of this fine Blueberry Ale will be just $2.50.

Now with beer releases, John and the kitchen crew will be offering a “small plate” with each release. This is a special food accompaniment for the newly released beer. The small plate will be a single serving treat (in most cases) for a price point not to exceed $5 for you. This coming Monday for example the small plate will consist of Lake Superior smoked whitefish, Chevre cheese and crackers. This will be available during beer releases while supply lasts.

Last tidbit

Pint Clubbers……read this
We have a Pint Club Only dinner scheduled for March 24. This will feature a special menu and two special beers just for you at a very attractive price. Food menu is complete and viewable, special beers yet to be named (Expect something crazy hoppy and the other crazy fun). Beers will be available just for Pint Club Members at dinner and will be just $2 per pint. Wow! Great beer for $2 a pint…’s kinda like when gas hit $1.50 a couple months ago.



One last thing-Thanks for all the positive response to the Coconut Milk Stout at Winterfest 09….we really liked it too! We are currently working on a new batch, so look for it in 4-6 weeks. Yes, that will be available in growlers at that time.


  1. Kris says:

    Both the Chocolate Imperial Stout and the Raspberry Milk Stout are amazing! Not sure how much they have of these fine brews but I’d encourage you to get over there and have ’em.

  2. Ben says:

    Chocolate Imperial is gone as of last night. Raspberry Milk has to be close to going too I would assume.

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