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First off, we’re happy to share that Vine Park’s newest employee found out about the job through Keep it up and we’ll be the of the local craft beer world… or something like that. Here’s another cool deal from VP:

We are offering a special change in our Wednesday night Brew Club offering. On June 25th & July 2nd, the six beers will be a hop lovers harem! The six brews featured will be our Horny Toad Pale Ale, CA Steam, India Pale Ale, Mulligan Ale (a west coast hopped version of an IPA), Rabid Penguin Porter, and a nice crisp Capital Hill Pilsner. What with hop prices as they are, this is a special priced event. $80 on brewing night and two weeks later you return to bottle the brews. Your cost would depend upon whether you need bottles or are bringing them back from a previous brewing with us. Your yield is 3 cases with a mix of six bottles of each of the six kinds.