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Warrior… come out to play-ay!

 Or not… this has nothing to do with the movie The Warriors. Really. This does, however, have something to do with a single-hop pale ale being released on Monday at a certain brewpub called Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery. Read on and drink up.

Hey All,
Time for us to share some hops with you! We made the single hop Warrior Ale. This time it is pale ale strength not double IPA….but don’t fret we hopped it well for you. Warrior hops in the brew kettle, warrior hops in the hop back, warrior dry hop in fermenter and warrior dry hop in the serving tank. Let’s just say you can really get the warrior hop in “Warrior Double Dry.”
Release on Monday 7/28


  1. DanK says:

    Can you dig it?!

    I know I can.

  2. eric says:

    I always think Wu Tang Clan when I hear “warrior….come out to play.” Now I’ll think beer.

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