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What Is Brau Bros. Up To for Craft Beer Week, You Ask?

Well, Dustin of Brau Bros. Brewing has the answer.

Finishing up Craft Beer Week strong, I’ll be rubbing elbows with city folk all weekend. This is a great week to intro the Black Sheep. It’s like a Black and Tan with flavor. It’s like drinking from two fermenters at once. It’s like – you get the picture.

Tonight I’ll be at Common Roots from 7-9pm and they’ll be helping pour pints. These guys don’t get enough credit for the extra time and effort that goes into sourcing local ingredients and products. Make sure if you’re anywhere near, stop in and talk beer, brewing, barley & hops, whatever crosses your mind.

Tomorrow evening I’ll be at Pairings in Minnetonka from 4-7pm out on the patio. Great opportunity to stop out and visit, take advantage of the nice weekend weather, and start the summer beer drinking off right!

Also, there’s a rumor that Doug Hoverson will be out for BrauFest. He’s speaking at the Public Library on Saturday, June 5 in Marshall, MN. For those not taking part in the bike ride that afternoon, maybe a carpool over to hear Doug speak? Since the train takes him right through Lucan, I’m hoping he’ll jump off the back and join us. Maybe Friday night around the campfire he’ll put a flashlight under his face and tell scary stories about when all the local breweries closed…

Just a reminder, BrauFest is June 4-5 in Lucan.

For now, that is all.