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Win Winterfest Tickets: Prove Your Minnesota Beer Heritage

The Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild wants you to share why you are a true Minnesota craft beer lover. Have you toured every brewery in the state? Do you brew a unique beer for every season? Did you introduce your 80-year old grandmother to the state’s best IPAs? Or do you just have a love affair with the great beers of Minnesota, unmatched by any of your friends? In 200 words or less, tell us your qualifications and heritage when it comes to Minnesota craft beer. Please visit the or email to submit your entry. The Brewer’s Guild will select two separate winners Mr. Minnesota Craft Beer and Ms. Minnesota Craft Beer. We want to celebrate thou who prove to be the most devoted Minnesota craft beer enthusiast. And please note the winners do not have to be affiliated.

The winners will be awarded four tickets to Winterfest, the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild winter showcase on Friday, February 4. The winners will also get a private meet-and-greet with some Minnesota brewers and early access to Winterfest.

The deadline for submissions is 10pm CST on Monday, Jan 31.


  1. Mag says:

    I’m guessing that I’ve trashed my Minnesota beer heritage by moving out of state, hmm? Maybe I could send one of those time-lapse photo-of-the-day things showing how chubby my face has gotten over a span of time from drinking too many MN craft beers.

  2. Ryan Patrek says:

    Love of Minnesota beers is in my blood. I say this because I come from a family of brewers. My great uncle Jack was brewmaster at Grain Belt during World War Two. A chair that he sat in everyday he worked at the brewery, with drinking toasts in German and Polish written on either side, sits prominently in my home brewery. His love of enjoying and crafting beers has been passed down to me. I’m always the one who gets friends and family to drive all over the state to experience new beers and festivals. I’m usually the first in line at Bockfest in New Ulm during the winter, and first in line at the Surly brewery during Darkness day. I know what bars have the best beers on tap and am a walking encyclopedia on beer specials at bars across the city. I not only enjoy drinking the great beers we have in this state, I also enjoy producing my own brand of Minnesota Beer. My home brewery keeps my family well stocked with beer throughout the year. I find myself being invited to a lot of parties due to the fact that they know without question; I will bring a keg of my most recent homebrew. In closing, I believe I would make an excellent Mr. Minnesota craft beer due to my heritage and fascination with Minnesota produced beers.

  3. mattm says:

    Ryan — don’t forget that entries should go to

    The comments section of is typically reserved for petty snarking and disparaging the beer people/culture we otherwise claim to appreciate\support.

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