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Winterfest Teaser: Schell’s Line-up

Jace over at Schell’s let the cat out of the bag and sent us Schell’s line-up for Winterfest. Enjoy:

Schell’s Hopfenmalz
The commemorative beer for the 150th Anniversary of the August Schell Brewing Company. Hopfenmalz was part of the Anniversary Draft Series, a collection of eight single batch, limited release brews which took place over the past two years. Fans were asked to go online and vote for their favorite in the series, with the winner, Hopfenmalz, becoming the commemorative beer for the sesquicentennial year. So join us as we raise a glass and celebrate 150 years of brewing history with Schell’s Hopfenmalz! Prosit!

Hopfenmalz incorporates the elegant drinkability of a Pilsner, the bready maltiness of a Vienna Lager, and the hopping of a Pale Ale. The malty backbone is beautifully balanced by a bright, citrusy hop aroma and bitterness. Then we lagered it for an extended period of time to give it a crisp, dry finish.

Beer Style: Amber Lager, Alcohol By Volume: 5.8%

Schell’s Snowstorm
Much like snowflakes, no two Snowstorm beers are alike. Once a year, our brewmasters lock themselves in the testing room with a secret selection of fine malts and hops, only emerging when they’ve hit upon something truly extraordinary.

Few beers fit the season like a Baltic Porter does winter. The 2009 edition of Snowstorm was brewed with copious amounts of Munich malt coupled with three different British crystal malts, and British Chocolate. Snowstorm is dark mahogany in color with a tan head and displays flavors reminiscent of dark fruit, licorice,
and chocolate.

Beer Style: Baltic Porter,  Alcohol By Volume: 5.8%

Schell’s Bock
Each year the promise of spring was confirmed as the first keg of Schell’s Bock rolled onto waiting delivery wagons. And since 1860, Schell’s Bock has continued in the true German tradition. Completely reformulated in 2009, Schell’s Bock has replaced Caramel Bock as our late winter seasonal. Brewed with a harmonious blend of 10 different types of malt and noble hops, Schell’s Bock is fermented slowly, and then lagered for an extended period of time to ensure a smooth finish. Perfect for passing even the coldest winter day.

This dark copper colored beer sports a robust toasty malt character. Medium bodied with a smooth dry finish.

Beer Style: Bock, Alcohol By Volume: 6.1%

Dry Hopped Schell’s Maifest from fass
Our annual spring seasonal, a blond doublebock, is brewed for the transition from the cold winters to the warm summers here in Minnesota. Pulled straight from the lagering tanks at the brewery, this beer is unfinished – served uncarbonated and unfiltered from a Bavarian Stich-Fass. Dry hopped with German Tettnangs.

Beer Style: Blonde Doublebock, Alcohol By Volume: 7.2%


  1. Bockslayer says:

    Jace…letting the cat out of the bag?…….That’s never happened before.

  2. Rich Tessler says:

    Okay, enough with the teasers already, when’s the complete program coming out? The anticipation is killing me!

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