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Winterfest Teaser: Summit’s Line-up

Carey over at Summit was kind enough to share the brewery’s offerings for Winterfest next Friday. Check it out…

Cask-conditioned Ales:
Horizon Red Ale: Heavily hopped American red ale/IPA, with a strong malt backbone from the use of European cara and black malts. American hops dominate the mouthfeel with Horizon, Amarillo and Cascade contributing 65 BU’s. Dry-hopped in the cask with whole-leaf Amarillo. 5.6% ABV

Winter Ale: Traditional English winter-warmer style ale with notes of dark fruit, mocha coffee and roast malt. American, German and British hops combine for a slightly spicy hop flavour. Dry-hopped with Fuggles in the traditional manner. 6.2% ABV

Great Northern Porter: Robust porter, medium bodied with notes of chocolate from the use of UK roasted malts. This version is primed with Jamaican molasses lending a slight toffee/caramel aroma and flavour, balanced by a hint of oak from the addition of a spiral to the cask. 5.4% ABV.

Bottled Beer: Unchained Series
90 Shilling Ale:
All-imported UK malt provides the backbone for this 7.2% ABV malty ale. Target and Willamette hops, in addition to a touch of Scottish heather, balance out the malt sweetness.

Bottled Beer: Seasonal
Munich malt and Saaz hops combine with German lager yeast to produce a strong yet drinkable golden lager. Six weeks of lagering ensures a crisp, clean finish with traces of hop spiciness. 6.6% ABV.


  1. Charlie Marks says:

    Oh my. How exciting.

  2. Andy s says:

    looks like the same they have had at every other event….BORING

  3. Ryan says:

    Really? I think the cask offerings look tasty.

  4. The Porter primed with Jamaican molasses sounds delicious. I wish I had some right now; it would make this cold day feel a bit better.

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