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The Skinny on Summit Horizon Red Ale

I’m away from my email, but I suspect the following (lifted from Heavy Table) is also in my inbox. I’m looking forward to trying Summit’s latest beer, Horizon Red Ale:

“Summit Brewing Company announces a brand new year-round beer to be released this spring:  Horizon Red Ale – an emerging American hybrid ale that crosses the boundaries of styles.  This red-hued ale projects an intensity of complex hops – yet allows the drinker to experience the balance and character of the malt.  Floral, dry, hoppy and satisfying.  Beautifully dry hopped, Horizon Red Ale will be considered a classic.”

Beer nerds only, after this point:

Malts used: Two row pale, caramel, cara-red, wheat and black.

Hops used: Horizon, Amarillo, Cascades and Summit

Original Gravity: 13.3 degrees Plato

Bittering Units: 65 to 70

Alcohol by volume: 5.7%

Color: 20 Lovibond


  1. Duke says:

    Um, yeah….that looks about right. Im feeling something I havent felt in a long time. Excitement over a Summit beer! Cant wait to try it.

  2. Stu says:

    A Summit brew with 70 IBUs? Count me way in.

  3. brewhound says:

    My new session?

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