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A New Brewpub in Ely

I received a nice note from Andy Sakrison regarding his new project, BoatHouse Brewhouse & Restaurant, a new startup brewpub in Ely, Minnesota. Andy used to work in the brewery at Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth. I had heard a bit about the project from some other folks involved about a year ago, so it’s cool to see this come into fruition.

They’re up and running and legal to brew. Just don’t show up looking for beer quite yet, give them a couple of weeks to get the taps flowing.
They’ve also got a full bar with a number of micros in the bottle to choose from right now as well as taps of Summit EPA, Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale and Lindeman’s Framboise. Live music on the weekends as well. I look forward to checking it out once the house beer starts flowing.


  1. Chris L. says:

    Ely has been in need for good beer for a long time. Great news and the best of luck!

  2. So! It really is a brewery? I was up there this summer and stopped in. The girls working the dining room were completely clueless and there was nothing to suggest it would be a brewpub other than its name. When Kat and I attempted to order a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, our waitress thought she would be helpful by telling us it was a “dark beer, kinda malty.” Did your older brother tell you that, little girl?

    Well, enough bitterness (disappointment) from me.

    I hope it works out for them! Ely has a few restaurants serving craft and micro beer but having a brewpub will be a definite bonus. I’ll be certain to stop in the next time I am up there.

  3. CynicAle Guy says:

    Come on now and tell the truth. You seemed as cluless about it as anyone else when someone mentioned it on BA other day and were only about to offer a link to some random website with a small post about it via Google. Now you’ve suddenly heard of it a while back which wasn’t the case a couple days ago. Thanks for getting some more info on it though.

  4. ryan says:

    CynicAle Guy – I’m still not familiar with the brewery mentioned on BA – 3 Deep Brewing (thread here). BoatHouse, however, is a totally different project.

  5. Steve says:

    You can get good beer in Ely at many places. I’ve been going through there for years on the way to and from the BWCA and have never had a problem finding something.

  6. RJ says:

    Just received word that the brewpub now has their beers available:

    1) The Pilot – American Pale Ale: This was their inauguration beer that sold out pretty darn fast.

    2) Entry Point Golden Ale: Currently on tap

    3) An unnamed Oatmeal stout available at the end of August

    4) An unnamed Wild Rice ESB (hopefully this will be as good as the old James Page Wild Rice beer of the 1990s)

  7. Jake Carlson says:

    We are back up and the beer in flowing!!
    Currently on tap:
    Entry Point Golden
    Blueberry Blonde
    Infra-Red Saison
    Eelpout Oatmeal Stout
    Stuart’s Portage IPA
    Rye Fish at All Pale Ale
    Basswood Brown

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