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A Note From Soon-To-Be-Festive Lucan, MN

Dearest MNBeer Readers,

Please enjoy this breviloquent note from our esteemed brethren in idyllic Lucan.

Hey Everyone,
All kinds of stuff going on here!  BrauFest kicks off tonight, with Beer Dinner at the BrauHaus, Lion’s BBQ at the park, and hopefully some homebrew to pass round the campfire.  I talked to Ken from the BrauHaus last night; he has only 4 or 5 spots left for the beer dinner.  Signup at 507.747.2796 if you’re interested.
Also, the Beer Guys were out to visit us in Lucan!  All I can say is, what terrific ambassadors for beer.  Check it out here: it’s always fun to see someone else’s perspective on the brewery and the town. 
We had a couple nice ladies stop out for a tour the other day.  Had we known they were famous writers, we’d have given them the good tour!  We really appreciate it when someone’s willing to take a chance and make the drive out to Lucan, often times not knowing what to expect. 
Rubus Black, Blackberry Imperial Porter will be on tap at the brewery this weekend!  It checks in at 8.9%ABV, and has just a hint of chocolate and blackberry.  It’s big, thick, malty, and tasty.  Definitely different than anything we’ve done before.  As soon as we get our act together, we’ll bottle it and send it out to the market.  If I have time today, we may have another unreleased beer on Saturday as well.  You have to show up to try it…
Old 56’s battery is struggling to hold a charge.  Be ready to push if you want a ride! 
Here’s to a safe and fun weekend!