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Abominable Release @Town Hall

I wish I could give you the back story on the name of the beer but I’m not that much in the know. All I can guess is that some of you might think it’s abominable to release a porter in June. Well, if that’s the case, all the more for me and the rest of the porter and coffee lovers out there.

Hey All,

Hope your weekend was grand, now you are all back at work and in need of a beer! We teamed up with Peace Coffee (the roasters just down the road) and made another coffee beer. You say Coffee Porter in June…?? Well, ever had an iced coffee in the summer?

We used the Yeti Cold Press Blend from Peace Coffee this time and are happy with the results. Swing in and get some today. Wednesday is “pick a pint”, that means all of our regular priced house made pints are just $2.50 from 5-6pm. Wow, that is cheap for quality craft beer….we do what we can for you guys-



  1. Andrew says:

    Is this the one they had on cask at the final day of craft brew week? is it going to be sold in growler because this would be perfect brew for camping.

  2. Dave MN says:

    Town Hall makes one of the best Coffee Porters that I’ve ever tasted.

  3. Shiz says:

    Yeti (Peace coffee’s cold press blend) = Abominable Snowman

    Drop the Snowman and you’ve just got Abominable.

    That’s my guess.

  4. Ben says:

    Had it on tap and on cask yesterday. Very nice beer. Liked the tap version better in this weather.

  5. Kris says:

    See, I knew there was someone out there that would have the answer. Hope I can get some before it’s gone.

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