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ABR Wrap

Did you have a good time at Autumn Brew Review? I did. A few quick highlights for me:

– A successful, entertaining “Name that Minnesota Beer” put together by the Cities Imbiber crew. I’m guessing we had 50+ brave contestants. Well done!

– We gave out our bottle opener with a suggested donation to the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild. We passed off about $60 to the popcorn crew. Thank you!

– Lots of good beer. I was particularly happy to finally get around to tryingthe beers from Lift Bridge Brewery. I enjoyed them! Lots of other very good beers too!

– I think the layout was the bet yet.

– Good food, good music, good people…

Well done!


  1. Nick says:

    What a great time! It was my first, but it won’t be my last!

  2. Jeff says:

    Props to truthbrew for the VIP ticket!

    Thanks Jeff!

  3. Bill says:

    Very very cool time. Can’t wait for next year. Although I might head there a tad bit later. I crashed at 10pm, thats to earyly on my birthday

  4. eek! says:

    It was fantastic. Looking at the tasting guide I missed tasting a lot of interesting beers but tried a ton of good ones too.

  5. Steve says:

    What was voted best of the fest?

  6. Chad says:

    Awesome time, but I passed out pretty early that night, too. And then I woke up at 4am…wide freakin’ awake. Ack!

    I tried to skip anything that had a huge line right away(I hate lines, though for food it was necessary) and was able to try some wonderful beer that it seemed nobody was drinking. Near the end of the event(2 hours left, or so) it was easy to get almost anything quite quickly. I must have gone back for Flat Earth’s flanders red 6 times or more!

  7. Duke says:

    Had a great time! Lift Bridge was very good. Ill probably show up later next year because I dont need to be there for 5 hours. Im not as youg as I used to be. The name the beer thing was really fun. Thanks for the sweet glass Mn Beer! After all was said and done I was walking…er kinda… to my place and dropped my ABR sample glass. Five years and this is the first glass I broke. Those things were freakin heavy man. Who did win the best of the fest?

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