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All American With Their First Offering?!

All American Grill and BrewhouseI have not called to confirm this, but it looks like All American Grill and Brewhouse, Waverly, MN, finally has their first Ugly Tree Brewery offering on tap, Ugly Red (is Ugly Light on tap as well???), according to their website.  I’ll call to confirm this and to get an idea for the timing of new offerings in the next day or two.  We first posted about All American over a year ago and their opening was in November.  Early comments about their menu were generally positive.  Of course, now we can really discuss the one thing that matters (besides grilled meat, that is), beer.  I’ve been itching to head out there to visit the place, but ‘za and burgers alone are not enough to motivate me.  If anyone has actually had one of their beers and can confirm the existence, please let me know.  This will kind of be my “photo of Bigfoot stuffed in someone’s chest freezer” moment.


  1. RJ says:

    The All American Grill and Brewhouse had both Ugly Tree Red and Ugly Tree Pilsenser (Light) available on draught sparsely during the past four months. There will be an Ugly Tree Dark available soon. I learned that their brewmaster is slowly getting familiar with his brewing equipment and brought in brewmaster Tod Fyten of Mantorville Brewing Company for some advise. So far only one person on Ratebeer has published a review on their first two beers and the Ugly Tree Red has a flavor profile close to a combination of St. Croix’s Maple and Serano Pepper Ales (also brewed by Fyten).

  2. Mag says:

    Thanks RJ.

  3. Tod Fyten says:

    To RJ and others, my role at All American Grill and Brewhouse has been as a technical consultant on their equipment. I met Jon and his Dad at the Harwell Brewpub auction and was ask by him and his father for help acquiring more equipment and help with the brewery regulatory aspects of the build out. As for the beer I recommended to bring in Jonathan Christ who was the former brewer on the equipment at Harwell as an additonal brewery consultant. My involvement in the brewing production was on securing raw ingredients and such for the brewpub and advising Jonathan on some aspects of the fermentation equipment. The recipes are ones that Jonathan developed at Harwell’s over the years and I might add are very good considering the plant is a malt extract plant. As for them being similar to St. Croix, the individual who said that is mistaken and does not know much about beer. They are not even in the same ball park. Malt make up, yeast, hops are all far different then St. Croix’s products. One also has to remember, the audience that All American is playing to. Being one of the few brewpubs outside of a major metropolitan market here in MN, Jon and Jonathan are brewing beers that some use to brews at Town Hall or Fitger’s might find less interesting, however to a local farmer in the Waverly area might find tasty. Jonathan brewed over two dozen recipes at Harwell’s and I expect over time he will begin to introduce more these offerings as folks in the Waverly area get more educated about craft beer.

    Finally, it was and has been a fun project to help with and I was glad to see the equipment saved for a MN brewery instead of being shipped off to some distant out of state location. Next time your heading out highway 12 stop in for a pint and I recommend the Ribs, they are delicious.


    Tod Fyten
    Mantorville, St. Croix & Theodore Fyten Brewing Co’s.

  4. Vstar11oh says:

    I can confirm that the brewery is up and running. The food is delicious, and the beer is great also. As of the posting of this you can also get half gallon growlers for take home at $5.50 (and a $3.50) deposit. I know this because as I sit here I am enjoying a frosty mug of the Ugly Tree. My first trip was last Monday, and I am heading back today (one week later) for a refill.

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