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Apparently Brewing Is A Real Bidness!!!

Thanks, Dan, for sending this our way.  Twin Cities Biz Journal wrote up a piece on craft brewing in MN.  Apparently it is only for paid subscribers, but we’ll see if we can’t get you the details in some other fashion (i.e., after reading a hard copy or other version, if there are any facts/info worth sharing, we’ll share).

Update!!!  Thanks to Flat Earth, here’s a link that works! Good stuff, Maynard.


  1. FlatEarth says:

    Start with this..^2203141#

  2. Mag says:

    Yeah, same deal as with the link embedded in the original post. I’m not sure how long the story is, but I imagine it is longer than the two or three paragraphs displayed. Maybe not though.

  3. FlatEarth says:

    Not the same link.

  4. Mag says:

    Hmm, worked for me this time. Thanks Jeff (or so I assume)!

  5. Mag says:

    Wow. Those trends are amazing.

  6. David Berg says:

    I’d be interested in knowing the actual numbers behind the 74.5% increase. It’s a curious number, and when expressed as a percent, somewhat misleading. Does the craft beer category account for more than 3% of total beer sales? That is the number that has a lot more value. Simply stating it is up 74.5% could merely be an indication of how low it was before.

  7. Mag says:

    Yeah, seems to me this can’t be a true apples to apples comparison. I wonder if production results from prior years didn’t include all of Schell’s and Cold Spring output but were included recently, thus moving the dial. Maybe it’s all those new tanks you’ve been installing, Dave. I didn’t think they were that big.

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