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Arborfest Tickets Still Available

A note from the organizers of Arborfest to those that have drug your feet about getting tickets.

Arborfest 2009 is tomorrow! We will be selling tickets at the door and we are featuring new and improved “Pub Style” food this year. Come out and enjoy the regions finest beers while supporting a great cause!
$30 of the $45 ticket price is tax-deductible (your ticket stub acts as your receipt).


  1. We will be bringing 3 casks to the event:

    Farm Girl Saison
    Crosscut Pale Ale

    See you there.

  2. Duke says:

    Is Crosscut the new name for your Pale Ale?

  3. Cecil says:

    Why does this fest, not sell out, and others such as Autumn Brew and Winterfest are almost impossible to get tickets ???

  4. Duke says:

    Probably becuase its $45.00 for a ticket.

  5. Ben says:

    Duke: Winterfest is $45 a ticket also.

  6. Matt says:

    I went to Arborfest last year and was not a fan of this event, for a few reasons. Also, this year I am out of town.

  7. Duke says:

    Ben: Winterfest is pretty exclusive with lots of rare and interesting beers by and large…Arborfest while not a bad event doesnt seem to sport the caliber of beers that Winterfest does. Just throwing out possibilities as to why Arborfest doesnt seem to be as popular as ABR or WF.
    Matt: What was so disagreeable about Arborfest? Just curious.

  8. Ben says:

    Duke: I do agree that Winterfest offers a lot of special brews while Arborfest usually has more common brews.

    Arborfest is nice in that it’s laid back, not crowded, offers food, and lots of great brew. The raffle is great too. Win a growler a week for a year from Town Hall? Awesome. I won a box full of Rock Bottom shirts and 2 growlers a couple years back.

  9. ryan says:

    …plus Arborfest supports a good cause and $30 of the ticket is tax deductible.

  10. Kris says:

    Flat Earth will be bringing:
    Black Helicopter
    Northwest Passage IPA
    Xanadu – Orange infused porter
    Sunburst – Apricot infused Belgian Pale Ale

    Surly will be bringing:
    Ashy Cynic on cask
    16 Grit
    Coffee Bender
    Bitter Brewer

  11. Sandy says:

    I LOVE this event because it doesnt sell out. this way there is no long line to wait. AND we dont have to taxi- we can walk there!

  12. Ben says:

    It’s tax deductible IF you itemize your deductions.

  13. Duke says:

    Yup, just a 5 min walk from my front door…although even that has been tricky in years past.

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