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As Surly as They Want to Be…

This week is a good week to get Surly, with the release of Darkness and another big surprise that will be revealed on Wednesday.

Darkness will be unleashed this week! Check us out at MacKenzies Pub on Friday, October 27th. We will be pouring Darkness and have a cask of Furious. The cask beer will be free! Show up early to Mackenzies to get a ticket for a free glass of cask beer. Darkness will come out of hiding and reveal itself at Surly Bars mid-week.

Lots of Surly excitement is coming. Check back on this web-site on Wendsday afternoon for the the biggest Surly news since we opened.


  1. Eric says:

    Since Surly has said they’re never doing bottles, I’m willing to bet they’re going to put Surly in some other beverage container for the masses. Growlers? Cans? Mini kegs?

  2. Drew J says:

    I’m guessing taps in McDonald’s.

  3. ryan says:

    Drew, that brings a whole new meaning to “Happy Meal.”

  4. al says:

    Darkness will be tapped tonight , Wednesday, at the Blue Nile.

    We just have a few glasses left of Fest, but I think I get get some folks to drink them up.

  5. al says:

    btw, they didn’t say they would “never” do bottles, just “not now, not next year.”
    They may bottle special releases, in the far-off future, but will continue to can Furious and Bender.

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