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Barley John’s Beer Release: Double IPA

Word on the street is that today was “Cask Beer Tuesday” at Barley John’s. Their current offering is a Double IPA that will be pulled until it’s gone. Here’s their description of the beer (which sounds quite nice, btw):

Our inaugural effort for the hopped up version of an IIPA – Amarillo hops used in excess with supporting roles played by Cascade and East Kent Goldings. Citrus aroma with tons of hoppy goodness. We implemented a simple yet potent grain bill to balance the excess of hops – your not going to burn out your taste buds on bitterness but you’ll know that there is more than the usual dosage of hops in your glass. This is all evidenced by the hop induced haze in the glass (we don’t filter or use clarifiers) – there is plenty of hop residue in this one!


  1. Drew says:

    Asked Linnea at John’s yesterday. Here’s the basics…Tuesday is now the day when John opens a cask – five gallons – of his beer. It’s usually dry-hopped as well. The cask generally lasts for two to four hours.

    The Double IPA, by the way, was lovely. It was a sort of bitter apertif (although I had it before my meal); heavy dusting of Amarillo hops in the nose intertwined with the English bitterness that you either like or you don’t from Barley John’s Stockyard IPA. Call it a 1.5 IPA…not bitter enough to blow your socks off, but still enough to gratefully curl your tongue.

    Also had a pour of Rosie’s. That’s a damn fine strong ale, though it honestly tastes more of port than beer.

  2. Ben says:

    Linnea was nice enough to call me and let me know they were tappin’ the cask. I was there last night too. Great stuff. I had both cask and regular double IPA. There’s no way you’d guess it’s 9% ABV. Not a hint of alcohol in sight and soooooo smooth. Great stuff. Up next is the 7th Anniversary beer coming St. Patrick’s Day weekend along with lots of beer specials, special food, and other fun to celebrate Barley John’s 7th Anniversary.

    Do note that they won’t be tapping a cask EVERY Tuesday. Keep an eye on their website to see when they will be. It will be more regular then it has been now that they’ve gotten the small issues worked out.

  3. Drew says:

    Ben, when did you get there? We were there playing a few rounds of cribbage ’round 5:30-7pm.

  4. Ben says:

    Aaaaaah, I don’t really for sure. Think it was around 6:30 or 7. I’ve been back since for another pint of the DIPA. Great stuff.

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