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Muddy Pig Update: Summit Great Northern Porter Cask Event

Here’s some news from Mark at The Muddy Pig:

Beer Lovers,

I’m sure many of you at one time or another have turned to your buddy and said “I really wish I could get a cask conditioned Summit Porter”.  Well now you can.  Stop by The Muddy Pig at 6:00 this Friday, March 2 when we will be tapping a firkin of what some would say is Summit’s best beer.  There are only about 75 pints in a firkin so it won’t last long.  We do have a second firkin which we plan to tap Saturday evening assuming ya’ll don’t suck it up Friday night.

And there is a new brewery in town, Flat Earth Brewing Co.  Their first beer is a Belgian pale ale which will be tapped as soon as we have an open line.  Friday???

Stop shoveling and get down to The Muddy Pig Friday night.  See you there!


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  1. Aaron Landry says:

    As I moved my flight out of town from today to tomorrow, I may stop by and check it out.

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