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  1. IPA Hound says:

    Beer commandments? So Josh is Moses?


  2. ryan says:

    I believe Josh has been referred to as a beer apostle…

  3. Jonny says:

    First “The Beer Amendments” and now the “Beer Commandments”, I love it!

  4. Mag says:

    The first five only? What, did Eric break the other tablet. I knew you shouldn’t have let him handle them.

  5. Thanks for posting this. I was too far back to hear Eric.

  6. IPA Hound says:

    Apostle isn’t the word for psuedo intellectual BS like story and symphony.

    It’s beer. Get over it. You don’t need to tart it up like a high class whore or try to lend it more gravitas than it needs and make it seem all important and deep.

  7. Jonny says:

    @ IPA Hound

    We’re all here for the same reason, right? So how is what you just wrote commensurate with the goal of advocating quality beer?

    There’s no reason to disparage someone because they approach their hobby with a different degree of understanding than you do.

  8. Ditto what Jonny just said.

  9. ryan says:

    @IPA Hound – I can’t speak for him, but I know that Josh has presented his “beer commandments” as a way to to get people to talk about beer and the experience of enjoying it with one another. The events he’s done related to these “commandments” have drawn people that range from beer novices to BJCP judges. I don’t think his intention has ever been to be high class or hoity-toity and the events have been nothing but a good, relaxed time.

  10. IPA Hound says:

    Commandments is a poor choice of words with connotations of absolutism, as is apostle.

    Do we need someone to tell us how to drink and appreciate beer? Why can’t I appreciate beer without knowing it’s story? What kind of bizzare rule is that? Di I need to know the story of an apple or steak when I eat those?

    And symphony? How about balance? You got water, grain, hops, yeast. A string quartet perhaps, but you don’t need some silly metaphor to talk about flavor, balance, drinkability, etc….

  11. chad says:

    “but you don’t need some silly metaphor to talk about flavor, balance, drinkability, etc…”

    And yet you used the word “absolutism” in a freaking MnBeer comment. Sheesh.

  12. chad says:

    Oh yeah, and hi RS! [waves]

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