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Here’s an update from Dustin Brau of Brau Brothers Brewing Co.  As usual, I’ve edited Dustin’s e-mail a bit from the original (e.g. cut out reference to an attached flyer).

The details for BrauFest are about set.  I’m guessing they’ll be totally finalized somewhere around June 2nd.  Camping space WILL be available right next to the brewery for Friday and Saturday night.  We’ll bonfire on Friday night, bring your homebrew to pass around.  We’re hoping for better weather than last year, shouldn’t be too difficult. 
This year we’re adding a bike ride from the brewery to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Dugout Site just north of Walnut Grove.  We’ll pack a lunch for everyone, provide a Sag Wagon, and everyone that completes the trek gets a t-shirt and a pint on us!  Email Mary (mary at braubeer dot com) to sign up.

Ken and Barbie at the BrauHaus have a terrific band playing Saturday Night outside under the lights near Main Street!  Hicktown Mafia is a great local band and we’re excited to show them off. 
I’ve got some casks filled for the weekend, and we’ll preview a couple new beers that weekend. 
Also – if you haven’t already, make sure you check out The Perennial Plate’s neat story on Lucan, and the cool people who inhabit it. 
Daniel was brave enough to make the trip out to the prairie, and we can’t thank him enough for putting the spotlight on us. 
Finally, we’ve got a couple new beers coming out soon.  Sorry it’s been so long, we’ve been extremely busy here just trying to keep up with the regulars.  Thanks everyone for supporting our small brewery!!!
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