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  1. Trav says:

    It is pretty impressive for a 16 month old brewery to already be #1 in America. I would say we lucked out to have them right in our backyard!

  2. S. Fantome says:

    Yeah. Surly #1. And we’re winning in Iraq too.

  3. nj says:

    “And we’re winning in Iraq too.”

    What does that have to do with anything??????

  4. Eric says:

    Surly has done everything right–they have an amazing marketing plan, theyre at all the right places, plus they make outstanding beer. They’ve clearly grabbed the attention of the craft brewer community. At this point in time, they are number 1.

  5. S. Fantome says:

    Pizza Port, Russian River, Stone, New Glarus, Dogfish Head, Rogue….those are just a few that:

    1. Have more than a handful of beers
    2. Are more creative
    3. Have greater distribution

  6. Drew says:

    Don’t forget Founder’s, Floyd’s, Ommegang…

    Look: Surly is absolutely great…and Bender goes head to head against my two favorite local pints (Summit ESB and BJ’s Little Barley Bitter), but there are better breweries.

    Also, almost of their beers skew big and hoppy, which is the single best way to get into the collective boozy little heart of BA.

    Now, “Rookie of the Year”? Hell, yeah.

    But congratulations to the folks up in the northwest. I look forward to seeing how long it will before Surly cans hop the Minnesota border.

  7. Trav says:

    Obvisoulsy, everyones opinion on BA is WRONG! They calculated the winner by the highest reviews for all beer brewed, Distribution didnt play a role in it, or so they say. Surly had 4 point somthing average. Whatever people think who should be #1, its exciting that its a MN brewer.

  8. Drew says:

    Well, when it comes down to it? Everyone’s opinion on BA isn’t wrong, but it does tend towards the big flavors…and that’s what Surly concentrates on. Which is great; it’s just not the be-all and end-all.

    BA and Ratebeer are great sources to hear about beers, but the voice of the people isn’t always the correct one.

  9. surlybrewer says:

    Well,opinions are like assholes….

    So go out and support your local breweries or even better ,open your own!


  10. Ben says:

    When you guys have your own magazine you can name anyone you want the best in the country. Until then STFU. I’ve never seen such a group of lil nancy girls crying that someone ruined their tea party.

  11. Trav says:

    Ben has a good point. Wouldnt people on BA and RB ALWAYS lean towards big flavors???? A brewer that does nothing but lagers and shit beer isnt going to get high ratings. Surly routes!

  12. Drew says:

    It seems we hit a nerve there…

  13. S. Fantome says:

    It’s pretty funny to see all the Surly Fanboys with their undies in a bundle.

    Face it, any moron can post a review on line. Most of the reviews on BA and RB are at best laughable in their sensory and flavor descriptors.

    Surly is #1 until the BA and RB cattle find a brewery that produces only 1 beer that you can only get at the brewery.

  14. Drew says:

    Or Surly makes something that the afore-mentioned cattle believe makes Surly appear to have ‘sold out’.

    Which is fine in my book, as it’ll just mean it’ll be easier to get their beer, which is generally excellent…if overhopped at times. (see ‘Fest, Surly’)

  15. S. Fantome says:

    Don’t get me wrong. i’ve got some Surly Cynic in the fridge at home. I just wouldn’t put them #1.

    I was talking to Jeff Williamson of Flat Earth a while back and he told me a revealing story about the BA/RB crowd.

    Jeff read a review of his Flat Earth pale ale on one of those sites BEFORE the beer had been released or was available anywhere. There was no possible way that the person who reviewed the Flat Earth beer could have had access to the beer yet.

    I guess I’d call that making shit up. Or outright lying on line to seem cool.

    I think that’s just pathetic.

  16. David Berg says:

    You guys are funny. Any list that ranks anything will always have people arguing. I’d bet you all are taking it more seriously than Omar, Todd, and company.

    Hey, and if someone had to be #1, it’s pretty cool that it’s a Minnesota brewery. I know for a fact that Todd has put in his time in the industry, and as far as I’m concerned always made great beers. So while Surly may be new, Todd’s been kicking around longer than I, so I’m guessing it’s about 12-13 years.

    Ok, off my soapbox, back to making lagers and other beers that people hate ;^)

  17. Drew says:

    A lager? A lager? Brother, don’t you know that the future is beers made with 100% Brettanomyces Lambicus and FWH with Summit hops?

  18. S. Fantome says:

    “What does that have to do with anything??????”

    The point was anyone can say anything without regard to the, shall we say, truthiness of the situation. Take the rah-rah, pro-war no-truth-zone over on the Fox Propaganda Network, for example.

    Or the MSM that didn’t stand up to the fear mongering of tghe Bushies.

    Or some arbitrary web site with a bunch of clowns rating beers.

  19. Jeff Williamson says:

    Thanks for quoting me but I think I have been miss quoted. While Bucko did post a rating on BA before the offical release he did have it at Winterfest which was before the release. I did tell a story of a CA brewery that made up a beer and leaked info to see what would happen and how they recieved ratings for a beer that didn’t exist. BA and RB are great forums for people to express their opinions about beers.


    Jeff Williamson
    Flat Earth Brewing Company

  20. ryan says:

    Yes, I’m “Bucko” on BA. I promise I’ve never reviewed a beer before tasting it…. that and I suck at beer reviews…

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