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Brau Brothers Single Batch Series: Ring Neck Braun Ale

The first of Brau Brothers’ Single Batch Series, Ring Neck Braun Ale will be released on October 13th, to celebrate the opener of pheasant season – an important tradition in Southwest Minnesota. Brau Brothers will produce fewer than 1000 cases and will fill around 30 kegs. The idea behind the Single Batch Series is to emulate the Brau’s old days running a brewpub (The Brauhaus) where they were free to brew whatever they liked on any given day. Here is what Dustin calls the “fluffy description”:

Ring Neck Braun Ale is the initial offering in the Brau Single Batch Series of beers. A perfect autumn ale, this big double nut brown ale is dry and fruity, yet surprisingly drinkable. Nutty flavor is derived from both biscuit malt and toasted oats. A hint of raspberry and classic British hops round out this mild and complex brown ale.