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Brewing TV #56 – Dry Dock Brewing Company

This episode of Brewing TV finds the guys in Aurora, CO living it up with the folks at Dry Dock Brewing Company. Talk about a brewery with a close ties to the homebrewing community – Dry Dock grew out of small homebrew shop to become one of the country’s most awarded small breweries. Find out what makes this place so special as BTV rides along for a brew day and Dawson puts our Pro Series beer kits up against Dry Dock’s commercial beers. Beware: Epicness ensues.


  1. mnbeerfan says:

    Not really a MN beer thing. I get the fact that NBrewer is here, but this seems more CO.

  2. Ryan says:

    True, though most of the time they’re pretty entertaining, so we just roll with it.

  3. mnbeerfan says:

    understandable. Maybe just me, but I hope you stick to mn beer news. There are other sites for entertainment. cheers,

  4. ryan says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Our focus will always be about what’s happening in Minnesota, though not without a few departures once in a while.



  5. Duke says:

    I appreciate the departure, even though I hardly think it a departure.

  6. Chip W. says:

    Chip here with Brewing TV. We hope the episodes are not distracting from MN Beer scene. We just want to present them to you all from the POV of Minnesotans on beer trips. Generally, we try to do more homebreweries than pro breweries…. but we do like our road trips as well and hope there is something to pull out these sorts of episodes as far as places you may want to visit… beers you may want to trade for… or at least to see some MN accents terrorizing the rest of the country. There is one more “Snow Day in Denver” episode slated for the next episode (Mar. 9), then it’s back to some serious homebrew dorkery for a while. Cheers! CW

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