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City Pages Beer Festival

100 different beers, food, music & more.

A portion of proceeds from the tasting will benefit the St. Paul Jaycees.

The event takes place near the corner of Hennepin and Lake, Minneapolis.

$25 in advanced, $28 at the gates.


  1. chad says:

    Anyone planning on going to this? Right now I’m on the fence. I move that morning, but the new place is within walking distance.

    Is the price worth it, or am I going to pissed off from having to deal with idiots all night long?

  2. Ben says:

    Here are my feelings on it.

    I can say that I haven’t been a big fan in previous years but here is my current thinking on the topic.

    This one isn’t packed with breweries (although there are some) but rather many distributors drop their wares off and hired help pours. Although there are less then micro brews being poured, there are still plenty of goodies to make getting your $25 worth easy enough. There are some good beers you don’t see at local brew fests too. The crowd is made up of mostly younger people but I have no problem with them. They can’t prevent me from being able to enjoy a nice day outside, drinking some good beer with friends. One definite advantage is that the good beer lines are always short because the majority are drawn to what some of us may consider lesser offerings. Also because of the lesser demand for the good stuff, many times they will give you a whole bottle. Because City Pages provides people to pour, it leaves the brewers free to chat much more so then at other events.

    I’m gonna have a beer in hand, maybe grab a cigar at Golden Leaf, and kick back with some friends while listening to live music (and maybe some BBQ).

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