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Brewers Bazaar – A Post Mortem

Yesterday was Stillwater’s 2nd Annual Brewers Bazaar, hosted by the Stillwater Sunrise Rotary Club.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s a quick recap.

First of all, this event was lightly attended relative to many other local beer tasting events (still too new, I guess), so lines were short and attendees could spend time speaking with the brewers and reps, if they were so inclined.  The crowd was diverse in terms of age and craft beer experience, but seemed united in its enthusiasm for the beer.

The breweries and brewpubs were very well represented, which was a surprise and delight for many of us.  I had a chance to chat with the following brewers/founders/etc. representing their respective joints: Dave Berg (Brewer, August Schell); Mark Stutrud (Founder, Summit); Steve Rinker and Dan Schwarz (Brewers, Lift Bridge – I think several other Lift Bridge folks were there, but I didn’t get a chance to meet them…sorry); Trevor Brau (CFO, Brau Bros.); Bob DuVernois (Brewer, Great Waters); Jeff Williamson (Brewer, Flat Earth); and Brian and Bob (Fitger’s…did I get the names right guys?).  Additionally, C.R. Stephens, founder of Still-H2O (Homebrewing Hydroponics & Organic Gardening Supplies) was there will a panoply of hombrewing gear, cooking up a batch of blond ale.  Tod Fyten of Mantorville/St. Croix was also there, but I didn’t get a chance to catch up with him.  I also didn’t get a chance to catch up with the folks at the Finnegans table.  Town Hall and Barley John’s, which were on the program, were no-shows.  Too bad, but there was enough other, good beer to go around.

This wasn’t an event crammed full of special releases but Brau Brothers debuted their Whirly Bird Oatmeal Stout and Lift Bridge’s entire offering was new.

 Overall, I would call this intimate beer event a good time.  It would be well worth attending next year, especially if the breweries and brewpubs are as well represented and you can catch a free moment to meet the folks.


  1. I had a blast at the Brewers Bazaar. Hopefully they’ll have it again next year.

    As much fun as I had though, it wore me out. I was passed out in bed by 7:30 PM!

  2. ryan says:

    I wish I could have made it. Glad you all had fun!

  3. Ben says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Had planned on going but instead went to grab a bottle of Surly Two and then drink Coffee Bender at Grumpys NE for their 10th Anniversary.

  4. chad says:

    I certainly had a blast, and it was well worth the $25 ticket. I probably ate $25 worth of pretzels and cheese alone.

    I blame the guys from Flat Earth for being so generous with their, uh, “samples” for giving me a nice buzz.

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