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City Pages Best of the Twin Cities Winners

A few nice nods to some of our favorite beer-centric places in the Best of the Twin Cities edition of City Pages. Winners include:

Barley John’s: Best Suburban Bar and Best Brewpub (Though this statement is weak: “While we admire any bar that attempts to make its own brew, many do so badly.”)

Blue Door Pub: Best Neighborhood Bar (St. Paul)

Muddy Pig: Best Beer Selection in a Bar

Minneapolis Town Hall: Best Take-Home Brew

Summit Unchained Series: Best Beer


  1. Trav says:

    1. How does a series win for best beer? 2. “Many” do so badly? There are only 5 brewpubs in the metro, and not one of them makes bad beer. What a ignorant statement.

  2. Jon says:

    You forgot one or two:

    Barley Johns
    Granite City
    Great Waters
    Moto-I (technically a brew pub 🙂
    Rock Bottom
    Town Hall

    I concur though. I’ve had not so stellar beers at a couple above, but never any bad beers.

  3. Jason says:

    So how does a brewpub win “best take-home brew”, but is inferred to do it badly? Nice and confusing.

  4. Duke says:

    No, there are only 5 brew pubs in the Cities. Granite City doesnt brew beer at their individual locations and the Sake for Moto i is made at the Herkimer.

  5. Jonny says:

    “While we admire any bar that attempts to make its own brew, many do so badly.”

    Those folks at the City Pages really do know their music and arts, but if that’s their take on brewpubs in this town I’d say that it’s about twenty years out of date.

  6. Chris says:

    City Pages beer writing sucks. This is the same rag that called the Happy Gnome “Best Brew Pub” in the past. It would also seem that a lot of their choices include their advertisers.

  7. al says:

    Yes, and on their website they posted this, not too long ago.
    The headline says “whacky pick”, and inside they say they didn’t intend to “Steal (our) thunder”…how aren’t you. The writer later told me that the editors forced the headline on him, wanted to stir up controversy.

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