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Competition Heating Up ‘Round Town

Market analysis conducted, regulatory hurdles hurdled, financing hassles handled, operating plan executed, important thoughts thunk, and now its time to turn up the dial of competition in the tipsy-powered mobility market.  Pedal Pub has got a little competition now in St. Paul, as reported by the Pioneer Press, in the form of City CycleCheck out their story.  I think some kind of death-match race involving armor-clad riders with lances and spike-borne wheels mounted on these beasts as they tear around a Circus Maximus is in order.  But that’s just me.


  1. Ben says:

    Hmmm, City Cycle has adjustable seats and suspension. Two nice items lacking on the Pedal Pub. If it had gearing, it would be a clear winner.

    Some years ago we took the Pedal Pub from a parking lot about 2 blocks away over to Arborfest. With a very small incline on the way, everyone was sweating by the time we arrived and spent the first 20 minutes of the beer fest drinking water instead of beer. Add a couple gears (even just a high and low) to those things and it would make life a lot nicer for the peddlers.

  2. Duke says:

    Well, it says the max speed on the City Cycle is 7mph, so Id guess no gears.

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