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Craft Beer at the Minnesota State Fair Horticulture Building

Wait. What? Beer is an agricultural product? Well regardless of what you believe (and I’m kidding, btw), we’ve just learned that the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild will be at this year’s Minnesota State Fair in the Horticulture Building. Their exhibit will highlight Minnesota’s brewing history, how beer is made and what’s going on in Minnesota beer. Brewers will be present, and we’re told there will be sample beer flights too. The Minnesota State Fair just got a little bit cooler!


  1. Duke says:

    Yeah, but that gopher is one cheeky bastard. He has gotten fresh with my special lady friend on more than one occasion. If I ever had a nemesis, he would be it (you can’t see it, but I’m shaking my fist).

  2. DanK says:

    Duke – Are you saying the gopher shook your right hand?

  3. Duke says:

    And then some…

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