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Craft Beer…..Gelato!?!

That’s right. Fat Lorenzo’s has one-upped themselves and has started making Craft Beer Gelato on a regular basis. They’d experimented a couple of times for events such as American Craft Beer Week & the Autumn Brew Review, but now the beer dessert is here to stay! The gelato of the moment is made with Boulder’s Kinda-Blue Blueberry Wheat Ale. I stopped by earlier to try it out and it was pretty darn good! I’ll keep you posted on the crazy flavors they come out with!


  1. Tom says:

    I can try and update what beer gelato is being made. My brother makes it and I steer some of the beers his way. We have give a couple pans to the town hall tap as a trade for there beer so also look for some parkway coffee porter and masala mama gelato too.

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