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Darkness: The Bike

If you ask me, Beachscrat should probably get free Surly for this one… he built up an old Schwinn Varsity and converted to a fixed gear drive train… no brakes, no gears, no coasting. He named it “Darkness” in honor of his favorite beer. “Which, much like my bike is strong, dark, really friggin’ heavy, and smoother than a Lexus (better gas mileage too).” Enjoy!


  1. andy says:

    Ahh, fixed gear. Whenever I would visit friends in the cities I would sometimes see the occasional fixed gear leaning against a lamp post. That’s hard core. When I was into cycling I was never ever close enough to being that kind of a bad-ass, though I always thought a single speed with a freewheel hub (and brakes) on a road frame would be great fun.

    Where’s the bottle cage on this one? Those Surly tallboys are a perfect fit.

  2. Trav says:

    Human powered transportation?! Seems like a lotta work man!

  3. ryan says:

    I think it’s a good way to at least attempt to cancel out some of the brews we consume… taking a stab at your carbon and caloric footprint… heh.

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