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Dave Anderson’s “Brewfarm”

Dave Anderson is a man with an interesting plan. Pioneer Press has a nice story about Dave’s plans to start a sustainable farm/brewery. It sounds like an idea whose time may have come, so we wish him the very best of luck… even if he isn’t building in Minnesota. 🙂


  1. David Berg says:

    Um, the guy behind Ambleside was Dave Johnson. I went to brewing school with him.

    But Dave Anderson has been kicking around since I rolled back into MN. Best of luck, Dave!

  2. ryan says:

    Whoops. Fixed. Silly “…son” last names!

  3. al says:

    David J. did work there, though, just wasn’t the force behind it.

    Glad to see he’s making progress with his dream! Been talking about this for a long time.
    If only he could have done it here, alas…

  4. David Anderson says:

    I suppose “kicking around” is better than kicking the bucket… (Thanks Dave – bummed I missed the MBAA meeting…)
    Yup, the BrewFarm is in motion and beginning to gel. I really wanted to locate in MN but land prices and the more onerous alcohol laws of this state combined forces to locate in WI. That, and the land itself is simply gorgeous. Ain’t too far away – door to door from the Midway to Wilson is about 45-50 minutes.
    Hoping to break ground June-ish – I’ll be making more “noise” as the pieces come together.
    Thanks for the plug!

    David Anderson (we “…sons” are like weeds ’round these parts…)

  5. brook says:

    i do the CSA (community supported agriculture) program with basically you pay a few hundred dollars and get a box of whatever came out of the ground that week. fresh, organic and i know exactly where it came from. that would be an interesting model for beer.

  6. Chris L. says:

    Happy to see things are coming together Dave. I love the plan. Best of luck!

  7. skypilot says:

    Dave, I wish you all the luck in the world and I’m really looking forward to trying your beers.

    Speaking of beers, although it’s early in the game for you but what’s your plan for a beer line-up?

    P.S. Did you brew at Paper City? If so, some buds were very impressed with your craft.

  8. Kelly Armstrong says:


    A wonderful Idea! I was throwing around the same idea, but couldn’t gather the cash up to do it. If you ever need volunteers or any free help, let me know:

    acura_1990 at

  9. David Anderson says:

    Yes, I brewed at Paper City for 2.5 years – learned a lot and knocked out some solid beers.
    As to what am going to brew? Haven’t a clue…well, not exactly true, but it won’t be “standard issue” beers (that’s not true either – I’ll be brewing for the Legion/VFW/tavern in Wilson – probably a full-flavored lager or some such). Gotta keep a few “secrets” – yes? As mentioned, I’ll be making sure all who care know about the latest. And yes, the phrase “will you volunteer for beer?” is part of my lexicon…

  10. Dan Fillius says:

    David, Great to hear of your efforts! I just read about this in the latest Beeradvocate Magazine. I’m farming and homebrewing up in Osceola, and would love to come help with your hop harvest.

    Brook – As for the CSA model, I am also interested in this idea. One place that has done it already is in San Diego, CA – The Lost Abbey. Their Patron Saints/Sinners program gets you a share in everything they produce through the year. I remember it being in the range of $200 for a year. Last I heard, they had 500 interested customers and only 200 shares. Does anyone know how alcohol laws would work for this idea? Could a homebrewer do it without getting a liquor license if the shareholders technically owned the equipment and were just paying for the services of brewing?

  11. Marty Walsh says:

    This is a great idea. I independently thought of this sort of thing and was looking around BA to see if anyone had heard of such a thing. Of course it is someone in my neck of the woods as well. Well, maybe some day we will be your friendly competitors. Good luck to you sir.

  12. gerry chartier says:


    I’m looking for the family of Herman Anderson,who was a pilot,along with his brother Thomas,also a major in U S infantry in 44. Sons of Mr and Mrs Jonn C Anderson who lived at 429-4th ave,nw in Minot ND.
    Reason—–He was married to my mother when he died of cancer in Minot several years ago.I have a few albums with some very nice,older pics that I’m sure they would cherish. Hope to hear from somebody with info Gerry

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