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BusinessWeek Story

This isn’t exactly a MN focused article by BusinessWeek (actually, written by Boston Beer Co.’s Jim Koch), but I recall a few dialogues on MNBeer, other sites and in local watering holes on the topic of hop shortages and some things Boston Beer Co. was doing.  It’s an interesting read.  I also think it shows that Jim Koch and Boston Beer Co., despite their size and success, still “get it.”  My opinion.  Anyway, it’s a good piece that will get some more mileage while we’re all knuckle-down at a bar chatting away.


  1. Cecil says:

    I just read in the morning paper (Business, Star Trib.) that InBev is planning on buying or taking over Anheuser Busch. Then I read this refeshing piece about Sam Adams. Thanks Jim Koch, you bought youself a ton of goodwill, which is alot better than owning the world.

  2. Mag says:

    I dunno. Owning the world has got to have its upside. Good benefits for one.

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