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Edible Twin Cities Brewing Tour

Join Edible Twin Cities Magazine on Saturday, Oct. 13 to tour and taste at three local breweries in the heart of the Twin Cities metro area. A coach bus will take you to Flat Earth Brewing in St. Paul, then head to Lift Bridge Brewery in historic Stillwater, and finish off at Harriet Brewing in Minneapolis. Harriet Brewing will have a food truck and a live band at their location to end the day.

For more details on pick-up locations and to order tickets see this link.


  1. Coach Gambrinus says:

    Get that faucet out of the beer. A high quality local brewery can do better than that, and I’ll bet there’s more than just that image to use for a Liftbridge story.

    It’s the small things that we need to do right to keep the standards high if we are to be one of the best beer cultures in the country.

    That said, keep up the good work overall.

  2. ryan says:

    Thanks Ian… er coach. Good point.

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